The Dance of the Dreamers

October 27, 2011
By Dogwoods SILVER, Dyersburg, Tennessee
Dogwoods SILVER, Dyersburg, Tennessee
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If you slipped into the shadows,
If you walked silent through the trees,
If by chance you found the Meadow,
Would you believe what you would see?

If you arrived when the moon was full,
And the night was clear and still,
If you answered the gentle tugging pull,
Then you would see your fill.

But if you stayed in the village here,
And listened with all your might,
Not a sound or a word would you hear,
The village is empty tonight.

Will you follow the gentle sound,
That becks the listener come?
That quiet but echoing pound,
Like the soft beating of a drum.

Be silent as you watch, take care,
The Meadow is no place for a stranger,
They would not be pleased to see you there,
Though it is not – quite – a danger.

All the village is here tonight,
From babes to those grey-haired,
All robed in brilliant, flowing white,
And crowned all with flowers fair.

Except for two in deepest black,
Who stand alone, heads bare,
Now there is no turning back,
For this lad and maiden fair.

Shakily they curtsy and bow,
Determination on each face,
As across the grass come pacing now,
The residents of this place.

The law will not let them wed,
But there is another way,
Their love this far has them led,
Have they the courage their course to stay?

The Choice of the believers,
One all here do know,
The Dance of the Dreamers,
Held in the full moon’s glow.

The unicorns snort and stamp their feet,
Pipes join the growing band,
The drummer sets the beat,
As the Dreamers join their hands.

A dance of leap and stop and turn,
Of flashing hooves and glowing eyes,
A whirling blur of shining fur,
So fast they almost seem to fly.

In the center stand the love-bound pair,
They shine with inner light,
The wind snatches at their robes and hair,
As both slowly turn to white.

The Dancers halt with a final whirl,
And turn in to face the pair,
Where before stood boy and girl,
Now stand a unicorn stallion and mare.

The watchers clap and cheer,
Though of course the parents weep,
Their children no longer can come near,
But now true to their hearts they may keep.

Oh, and stranger, a word to the wise –
Do not speak of this once you are gone,
I strongly suggest you take my advice,
If you would live to see the dawn.

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