Rain Drops

October 27, 2011
The memory of rain still taints the air
It whispers by as soft and smooth as silk
Pittering and Pattering in the rhythm of life
The drops of clear crystals
Smash on the ground
Beautiful rain, Icy cold
Yet warm and pleasing
Falling down on the girl below
As she walks through it all
Not caring about life or how wet she was getting
The rain crying with her, feeling her pain
Tears are whisked away by the constant down pour of rain
But as the rain lets up so does her heart lift,
Washing away the remnants of her sad feelings
Life renewed, a smile touches her lips
Followed by a giggle and laugh
Joyous and euphoric she dances and twirls
Dancing and leaping
Splashing and playing
Slowly the rain starts up again,
Pouring down she runs and leaps
Clothes are soaked through
And hair is plastered to her face
But still she dances forevermore

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