The View from Up Here

October 27, 2011
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Climbing to the top was
not a goal. It wasn't even
part of the plan. I climbed
a 100 feet everyday. As
I get closer, the feeling in
my stomach rises. I know
there is something at the
top. I just know it.

Before climbing this enormous
mountain, I was part of the
earth between your toes, the
water that touched your lips,
the voice inside your head.
I was everything to you.
I was everything you needed
to survive. And nobody knew.
Just me.

But today, at this very
moment, I will accomplish
the impossible. I will see
the special surprise at the
top. The view from up here
will be everything I imagined.
It will be a giant step to
the rest of my life.

Now I have reached
the top and the view

What is that sudden
urge of needing you?
I'm reaching for your
hand, I am falling.
And you're not at the
bottom. No, you are watching
me fall. With an evil smile.
Please tell me this is a prank.
I need you there...
To catch me.

Then everything stops.
I am hurt badly, but
someone is here to patch
me up. You had left me to fall
for something that was
never there. The Memories of
you fade, and someone new takes
over. Yes, sad I am, but I
now know not to climb that
mountain ever again.

Now I am at the top of a
different mountain. The view is
better and I am sharing it
with the one I climbed for.
You'll never know the true
view of your mountain. Because as
I sit here, I watch more people
fall from your mountain. Then
I see them at the top of
a different mountain. And
We are helping the ones that
fell from your mountain.
And no one...
No one....
Forgives you. It's too late.
We all see the true you.

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Ninja_15 said...
Jan. 25, 2012 at 11:26 am
beautiful and well moving and so true(=
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