October 23, 2011
By Polijazz SILVER, Masefau, Other
Polijazz SILVER, Masefau, Other
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"Life may knock me down 10 times harder everytime, but I will not let it knock me down to where I cannot get back up." -Jazzy

In life we all have ups and downs,

smiles and frowns,

happiness and sadness,

there is even room for madness.

We all lose someone we love,

smile at someone we dislike,

love someone we once hated,

or FORGIVE someone we thought we NEVER could.

Sometimes we feel like the moments that pass are JUST moments,

but sometimes we WISH that we could get those moments back.

Sometimes all we have are happy moments, and we always want them to FOREVER LAST.

When you lose someone, and you feel like your world has fallen to pieces, DO NOT GIVE UP.

The ones that we lose, we say that they have gone to Heaven - the city of ANGELS.

We believe that they are in a better place.

But if we give up and give in right then and there,

we are putting them in a DARKER place.

In this life, we should all smile in our darkest hours,

laugh in moments of rainy showers,

and LOVE in moments of hatred.

God takes the best and leaves the rest to finish the tests,

he will always be there when the tides are rough,

when moments are tough,

even when you feel like you've had enough.

He is filled with care,

he is filled with love,

so you must give him your FULL trust.

you just have to believe that HE is always there,

that the one you LOST will always be there.

They will visit you in your dreams, though you will not remember,

let your heartbeat be their voice,

let your tears be theirs,

let the wind be their breath,

and let what you cherish most be their lap or shoulder.

YOU can still let them live on,

and that would only be WITHIN you.

So let their bodies go, let their memories still live on,

LET THEM BE YOU, so that they will NEVER be gone.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for my aunt who had recently lost her son. She said to him "I am B.J and B.J is me" so to her, her son will forever live on, WITHIN HER. R.I.P Maurice

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