A Best Friend (Caroline's Poem)

October 23, 2011
By RoseMonster GOLD, Plainville, Connecticut
RoseMonster GOLD, Plainville, Connecticut
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What is a best friend?
Are they the person who makes you feel
Like you're the only one in the world
When they wrap their arms around you,
And hug you like it's the last time you'll ever touch?
Are they the one who waits
When you have a little catching up to do
Whether it's 5 minutes or hours?
Do they know when something's wrong
Just by the look on you face?
Could you share your ugly, your shame, your darkness?
Could you tell them
And not be afraid to cry on their shoulder?
Is your love of all things cute and cuddly,
Wild and crazy
One that they share?
Would they tell you they love you,
No matter what time of day,
And make your frosty heart feel
Like warm spring again,
Make you feel special?
And when the tears
Drown out the song of your heart,
Would they sing it back to you?
Would they dry your cheeks,
And tell you it's going to be alright,
To keep calm and stay, little monster,
Because you are worth it?
Because that
Is what I found in you,
And so much more.
My best friend for life,
I hope I can be yours
Best Friend,
I love you!

The author's comments:
This poem was written for one of my nearest and dearest friends, Caroline, but I wanted it to be a blanket description of the unique and invaluable relationship one experiences with a best friend.

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