October 23, 2011
By superseni0r BRONZE, Warrington, Pennsylvania
superseni0r BRONZE, Warrington, Pennsylvania
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I think things would have been different
If I were smarter
But you were kidding yourself about victoria
Were you just joking about me too?
And if I had a greyhound
Instead of just wanting one
What if I HAD one?
And a camera, to take pictures of your dimples
The ones I wish I could have traced
Or should have when you were in my bed
Maybe I would have been there
When you told the pretty girl it was credit
Maybe we would have been having dinner
When you saw her at the diner
But I would have blocked her view
With my messy, imperfect, stupid bun
Or my teeny tiny breasts
Or with my stupidity,
You’d be far more focused on explaining the world to me
To notice the pretty girl
It’s ok for me to be jealous because I’m wasted
I’m smoking in parked cars
And not so creative.
And I’m happy to be your shoulder to cry on
Because you’re my inspiration
And one day if you’re not married
Or even if you are
I’ll let you be my forbidden fruit again
And you’ll let me be your less than.

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