My Black is Beautiful

October 23, 2011
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My Black is Beautiful inside and out

Sweeter and juicier than any fruit that is picked

I'm in love with my big nose and big juicy lips

The texture of my hair I wouldn't trade in for the world

The fit of my body. I endure my voluptuous curves

Young, Black, Thick, and Beautiful

Just how my ancestors and African princesses made me

I would never tell myself I'm worthless

just cause' I'm not the next top model to be

My Black is Beautiful because I think way back to my African American queens

My Black is Maya cause' I'm a women Phenomenally

My Black is Rosa cause' I sit courageously strong

My Black is sojourner cause' I'm true

My Black is Billy cause' I can sing the blue's

My black is Harriet cause' I'm free

My Black is powerful beyond the simple Imagination

My skin is more than its color

My Black is the color of power and authority

Confidence and style

Honor and grace

My black tells a story for all my Black sisters

Who can Honestly say

"My Black is Bold and Beautiful"


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