Sink or Swim.

October 27, 2011
“Sink or swim!” He shouted.

I hit the waves and the sea took me.
My heart was heavy, so I began to sink.
I should have known better than to walk that plank.
One foot after the other.
It didn’t help that he was encouraging me every step of the way.
I was too caught up in his not so fun game.

“Sink or swim!” He shouted.

My heart was silent all the while,
Then water invaded my lungs.
I died at the bottom, the very bottom.
What did I ever do wrong…

I wish that I could tell you,
That this does have a happy end.
That my prince charming came and saved me,
And love was found again.

But I’m no princess, you see.
I’m really no one at all.
I lay here, at the bottom, the very bottom.
It’s where I belong.

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