Heart is No More

October 3, 2011
By sylarloveselle GOLD, Oswego, Illinois
sylarloveselle GOLD, Oswego, Illinois
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it settles into her skin stretching wide with a wicked smile
sinks in, sparkling white, saecula saeculorum
teeth hold fast to skin, brain and heart,
heart that's now worn and torn in all sorts of places
soon it will be no more than pieces of red
'you're dead' they all say smiling wide
'and forever dead you will stay' forever and always
hangs off her skin a growing, breathing, living thing
and hides away in the grooves of her brain
'seeing things again, my dear? The dead that are still very much dead? Be ready it has only just begun.'
heart screams harder and louder than brain which is all but gone
so is heart, skin, and most of all soul
heart is now black, black, heart is no more
heart, brain, skin, she is one dead duck

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