Walls Whisper

October 24, 2011
By MrsPookie BRONZE, San Diego, California
MrsPookie BRONZE, San Diego, California
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The walls whisper to me,
They say my name so softly.
The moon it shines so bright,
Giving me my only source of light
The walls go silent,
No longer saying me name.
I hear the wind,
It gets cold when it touches me.
The floorboards creak,
As they squeal in pain,
The roof it leaks,
As if, it cries.
The wolf howls in the dead of night,
Giving me a scary fright
The house goes quiet, as we, both know its time,
For the final good-bye
The walls they whisper to me,
I hear them cry.
The night is getting cold,
Its time to go

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