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October 24, 2011
By mzkendrababy SILVER, Miamisburg, Ohio
mzkendrababy SILVER, Miamisburg, Ohio
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I am a believer
I believe that one day I can change the world
I am trustworthy
I trust myself to do the right thing
I am a leader
I lead all people down the right path
I am an achiever
I achiever all my goals and many more
I am a team player
I play the game right and allow everyone a chance to shine
I am a fighter
I fight for what I think is right
I am a thinker
I think before I act
I am a winner
I win everything I start
I am a giver
I give to those less fortunate
I am a speaker
I speak the truth and never lie
I am a survivor
I survived everything in my life that’s happened to me
I am strong
I can make it through anything no matter how hard it is
I am a watcher
I watch everything around me
I am forgiving I forgive all those that have hurt me
I am a listener
I listen to others
I am a writer
I write down all my feelings on paper
I am me

The author's comments:
This is me

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