What If

October 24, 2011
By mzkendrababy SILVER, Miamisburg, Ohio
mzkendrababy SILVER, Miamisburg, Ohio
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We walk around looking and laughing at people who sleep in the streets
What if the tables were turned?
We get whatever we want and give very little
What if people didn’t give to you?
We spend al the money we want without a second thought
What if you had to spend it wisely?
We live in our big houses
What if you lived in a box?
We drive around in our expensive cars; sometime have more than we need
What if you had to walk everywhere?
We do everything with our family
What if you were alone?
We have jobs and get paid
What if you were broke and hungry?
You see there are many things we have but also take advantage of.
There are so many things we take for granted.
Do you see that you have it good?
There are people in the world who can’t afford food, cars, houses, etc.
Because they are broke and/or homeless
They would love to have what we have
If only we gave, then one day, people who are broke and/or homeless can give back….
To you
We never know the day that we might lose our house, cars, jobs, or anything.
So, what if you were in that position? Would you wish you gave? When you did have it good

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