holding me together

October 24, 2011
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This blood inside my veins,
keeping me alive.
is congruent with that inside yours.
we are united.
forever as one.

When I look in the mirror,
its your face I see.
My face.
you gave it to me.
Your skin.
my skin.
stretched over my bones,
my muscles,
my blood.
holding me together.
only physically,
of course.

you are in my head.
you understand.
we think alike.
words exchanged.
unlike everyone else.
speaking openly.
about anything.
anything at all.
you care.
you listen.
you help me.
hold me together.

You’re there.
always there.
for me.
unlike everyone else.
you understand.
you created.
you would give your life.
for me.
all you have ever done is help.

But I don’t care.
I don’t act like I care.
you deserve gratitude,
not me.
you deserve better.
but I need you.
you are a part of me.
pumping inside me.
in my veins.
in my head.

I care.
I do.
I just,
I don’t show it.
I know.
you know.
well I think you do.
I don’t think anymore.
I just don’t think about how much I need you.
I need you like the blood inside my veins.
a part of me.
the part that keeps me sane.

would not exist.
without you.
could not exist.
without you.
I could not,
I would not,

My heart beats slowly.
pumping your blood.
feeling your love.
your love.
your care.
your dedication.
it deserves
a sincere
thank you.
a simple act,
of appreciation
for everything.
everything you do.
My love.
your love.
united as one.
inside and out.
holding me together.

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