Last Night

October 24, 2011
By mzkendrababy SILVER, Miamisburg, Ohio
mzkendrababy SILVER, Miamisburg, Ohio
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Last night I went to bed crying
I had no clue what to do or to think
Tears just rolled down my face
Each tear full of pain and hurt
I let myself go this far without coming up for air
I let myself think that my life was perfect
I let myself think that finally someone was here for me
I let myself think that…
In reality…
I let myself believe that you were perfect
Deep down inside you weren’t
I just didn’t want to believe that
Last night I went to bed crying
My bed soaked full of tears
Each one with a memory that I want to forget
Each one with a choice I regret
You were one of those choices
I regret you
But I love you
Last night I went to bed crying
My body shaking from fear
Fear that I lost you
Fear that I lost myself
But most importantly…
Fear that you broke my heart
It’s not beating right and there is a piece of it missing
I gave that to you, but you took it and ripped it to pieces
Last night I went to bed crying
I remembered all the good times I had before I met you
I told you that if I ever lost you I would die
Well guess what?
What I told you was true
But baby please always remember that I loved you
-R.I.P: my heart, my body, my soul

The author's comments:
wrote it one night after a break up

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