Home Town or Home Hell

October 19, 2011
By Fryckman,M BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
Fryckman,M BRONZE, Wilton, Iowa
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For thirty years my hometown was beautiful
For thirty years my hometown was full of color
Full of sounds
The crisp Blue Ocean and sandy beaches
The sound of seagulls flying in the sky
And the waves crashing on the shore
Washing the sand away like Jesus washing sins away
Then something terrible happened
I was brought back to me old home town
So dark
So cold
So full of shattered dreams
Shattered dreams and lost hops
From evil words spoken
Words that stung like a bee
Sounded as menacing as a snake
Words that poisoned and left me shattered
Like a window dropped from the tenth story
And now I go back to pick up the pieces
Give them to God
And move on with my life

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