Future Generation Beware

October 17, 2011
Future Generations Beware
What am I teaching my kids?
That it’s ok to show my body?
And it’s ok to lose my speech?
That our forefathers and mothers worked for equality for null
That it’s ok to lie and cheat?
That it’s ok to let boys use me?
And allow men to forsake me, along with commitment and love?
I don’t want to teach them that but it’s already out there
So all I have to say is: Future generations beware.

What are you teaching your kids?
Are you leading them to favor black rappers over black presidents?
Are you leading them to covet green dollars over commitment?
Are you influencing them to talk down to women?
Or classify themselves with derogatory titles?
Is this sentiment the only direction for the future to begin with despair?
If the above is the reasoning: Future Generations Beware

What are we teaching our children?
That books fall useless to electronics?
Or that drinking and smoking is what accredits cool?
Are we encouraging escaping the ghetto?
Or are we accepting food stamps and welfare?
Please excuse my words if they seem harsh,
I’m just looking for some hope with these things I fear.
I don’t want to be pessimistic but if there’s hope tell me where
I have to be realistic. Future generations, beware.

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