October 17, 2011
Enter stage right.
The theatre falls silent
as you take your
undeserved place.
The curtain crashes between
comfort and hostility,
our comedy tumbling
into a tragedy
before our eyes.
The spotlight’s on you,
your act perfected.
You clear your throat,
launch into a soliloquy
disguised as a monologue,
blanketing discomfort
with the façade of normalcy.
Your old friend Nonchalance
appears with a side of
Props misaligned,
cues missed,
abandoned promises sulk
in the wings.
You reach your climax
and STOP!
No brilliance here,
only stark silence
coupled with the
of unwelcome discussion.
Costumes ripped,
backdrops ignite
into flames of
neglected words,
lights burnt out,
our set afloat in
forgotten desire.
We wait, drowning
in unspoken
and just like
you take your bow
to the sound
of your own
standing ovation.
Exit stage right,
and out of
our lives.

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