Give Up

October 17, 2011
You thought I was nothing. Funny, cause look where I am now?

You thought I was a nobody, but look where you’re sitting.

You thought I was a fool and a joke, but I’m the one on
stage, with the mic.

You gave up on me but I never gave up on myself. You thought

I was done when I was only getting started. You thought you were better, but

now you’re in last place. And still now you scoff at me even though I’m the one

who is actually living, when you are only alive. It’s not about how much money

or make or who I’ve seen, it’s not about the impractical philosophies. It’s

more about the time I gave and my time well spent, it’s about the time I died,

but never went out and cut the cords. And now you’re wondering why I am
standing and you’re the one sitting. Well here is why.

Never. Gave. Up.

And when life was hard I picked

myself back up and went on my way. I’ve strolled the streets of imperfection

and talked with the hagglers of selfless worth. I’ve sat with the lazy in the

square of welfare checks and I’ve had dinner with the greed in the house of
pure gold. I know what it’s like.

So this one, my dear friend, I

devote to you. I devote this one to you as you sit in that chair and wish you
were here but you aren’t.

You might have given up on me,
but I never gave up on you.

And you might not have any money

or fame, well that’s okay, cause neither do I. I’m just a poet. You might feel

lonely and broken, but I’m standing right here, ready to help. You think I don’t

understand what you’re going through, but remember, you put me through what you
are living in now. And its going to be okay.

You’ve come so far, but you’ve got

miles to go. You’ve fallen once, but you aren’t staying down. You’re going

somewhere! And it’s going to be good. It’s more than you could ever dream, ever

fathom, ever wonder. And when this storm blows over, come join me on stage. Let’s

share a memory. Then go make your own. Go make your own dreams and fantasy’s,

go make yourself who you’ve always wanted to be. Go make the difference between
the starving and the forgotten. Go make a Difference. And don’t ever give up.

Cause I Never gave up on you.

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