October 21, 2011
By Anonymous

what i would have thought,
was a simple mistake,
what i would have dreamed,
was the chance you wouldn't take.

what i most wanted,
is what you most despise,
what i thought was sincere,
were obvious deceived lies.

who i thought you were,
was straight up what you're not,
who i thought i loved,
were just two words bought.

those two words got to me,
saying "I care",
your hypocritical comments,
it's just not fair.

you're who i thought i knew best,
you're who i thought knew me,
but not a single detail was there,
all you did was lie to me.

not blaming you for what i am now,
nor blaming you in what i say,
but you were right about one thing,
i AM okay.

without intention,
you opened my eyes,
you helped me discover,
the truth withing the lies.

only human,
still feel hate,
still feel love,
but its still not too late.

you know too much,
i can't let you go,
still love you,
just want you to know.

The author's comments:
written 10-21-11 about a friend, a best friend that was driven apart from me with depression and selfishness. couldn't bare to see me sad. couldn't bare to see him cry. both chose the different path. so it distanced us. hoping we can reunite. but idk it's complicated.

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