The Chips

October 19, 2011
I remember the salty and tangy taste of the chips we used to eat together.
I remember the faces we would make at each other when we ate them and laughed.
I remember when we would buy the bags in bundles of five because we knew that would last us a week.
I remember it all:
How we would open the bag together,
The salty, vinegar, tangy smell of them,
He smiles it brought to our faces,
How the first chip was always our favorite.
I remember the sour face we would make if the chip was tangy enough.
But now that you’re gone, I have nobody to eat my chips with,
Nobody to make faces with,
Nobody to enjoy the smell with.
But I sit down every now and then with a bag of our favorite chips and watch a movie.
And all the memories come back every time I open a bag of salt and vinegar chips.

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