silent mother

October 19, 2011
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Tip toeing to the bedroom door, I twist the handle.
I pray to myself don’t make a noise, but it does.
“Please don’t be up, please don’t be up;” I browse around the house.
No one

I make for the front door, taking into thought that the alarm is on.
As I tip toe back to the bedroom, I shut the door silently behind me.
Inconspicuously looking at the window, I open it.
Slowly but swiftly I make my way over to the criss cross steel bars and open the gate.
Getting in my friend’s car, I scowl at the house in my peripheral.

Dancing carelessly, I wonder if she will discover my absence.

I arrive at home and realize the window wouldn’t open, but I have my key.

I unlock the door slowly, realizing the alarm isn’t on.
Closing my bedroom door, I peak down the hallway to see if there is anyone.
“Hello mister”, faintly whispered in my ear from behind in a dark pitched voice.

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