Dreams Unleashed

October 19, 2011
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I fell into a deep sleep
and dreamt—a wild dream,
unchained from reality’s rules.

I awake on the edge of a cliff.
The crashes of hungry waves
call me, like a distant cry,
to dive into the crimson depths of the unknown.
I’m gripped by screams whispered by wind,
with swirling vapor dripping like molasses and moaning of a lost paradise.
I fall backwards, plummeting into the frigid waters.

Paralyzed with shock, I feel myself
sinking into the abyss.
Around me float forgotten bodies,
ghosts from my past that vanished from memory.
I struggle for the surface,
yet still it creeps away.
The corpses call my name through drowned lungs,
claiming me as their own.
My mind begins to fade;
I dream a wild dream.

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