Sleeping with a Broken Heart

October 19, 2011
By DiShundra Thomas BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
DiShundra Thomas BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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the cold wind that flows through my room when you're not around is unbearable. the imaginary heat on the back of my neck feels as if your right back where you belong. the visible shadows walking around my room silently haunts me until your return. why is all of this happening? i thought i was over you? quiet whispers in my ear constantly saying baby i love you. my mind is out of control.its you who feels my every thought. is this how it feels to sleep with a broken heart? the tossing and turning irritates me. my nights grow colder when you're away. countless thoughts of the memories we shared together vanish frequently in my mind. the memory of you starts to fade away and then it comes back. suddenly my breathing starts to get heavier as i look at the lovely picture you once drew for me. tears began to stream down my face overflowing vastly. this feeling is way too overwhelming. sleep. what sleep? will i get any tonight? i calm down take deep breaths and even though you're still on my mind my eyes get heavy. Sleeping with a broken heart was not on my list but what comes after the sleep?


The author's comments:
This is a piece I wrote after a death of a loved one. Writing this reminded me of how i felt when this person passed away. I hope people get what it feels like when you grieve for someone. This piece can also be for a huge break up. Either way it's a reminder of lost love and the pain we as people go through when love is lost.

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