October 19, 2011
By redoctober SILVER, Santa Monica, California
redoctober SILVER, Santa Monica, California
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Day is light, bright and fleeting
Ephemeral as the morning dew
And through all time immemorial
It is e’er speeding through

But no thing has not a shadow
Barring glass and air
And so, as for light
In place of shadow, night is there

Night, the time of fear and fright
Witness of dark things
And oft the terror of children
Its name with dread rings

But even night is merciful
And so, by Heaven ordained
Stars do light the sinister sky
And occasionally, their bodies are rained

But brighter yet than the stars
A symbol of joy and hope
The moon, like heavenly lantern
Hangs from invisible rope

And so, though mysterious and strange
It has its good and bad
No more or less than any other thing
But still, no place to be desolate, lonely or sad

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