New Years

October 18, 2011
By Anonymous

Joy Tomorrow
Drunken Sorrow
Spectators Awaiting Morrow
Soldiers Fighting
Bombs Igniting
Trigger Pulled At Enemy's Sighting
Children Lost
But At What Cost
Whoring Kids To Their Exhaust
Smiles and Cheers
Drugs and Beers
All Have Way To Ring In New Years

The author's comments:
This was written the day after Christmas. I don't remember what I got that year but I believe it was a year or two after my parents split. I lived with my dad and I blamed my mom for a lot of it and it took me years to accept it and even longer to make my own peace with it. My dad spent most of his time working and drinking so an already strained relationship got worse. Since then the relationship with my mother is healthy and the relationship with my dad is mentally healthier. I thought about all those out there who are spending these exact moments in worse situations - mainly war and sex trafficking compared to the people who you'd normally think would be out - The partiers - No matter how quiet or loud or dead they are.

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