To Be Lost in One's Eyes

October 18, 2011
By Richard33 BRONZE, The Colony, Texas
Richard33 BRONZE, The Colony, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Love is always forgiven, harnessed, and remembered. One will always forgive, one will always use it for his or her own satisfaction, and love or one's love shall always be remembered as something worth cherishing. If it is not thus, it is not love."

Forgive me, for I seem to have become lost in your eyes.
It is irrevocable, is it not, to be lost in another's eyes?
To swim eternally in an ocean of blue, sparkling irises running deep into my soul.

I stand naked, there,
the crystal blue water cool against the skin of my feet,
the glittering horizon standing long before me,
in an enigmatic blur of beauty
Spinning wildly below the sun.
The soft sand brushes against me as the tide rolls in,
Whispering for me to come in,
and embrace my passion that can only be

Who has given me hope.
Who has given me love.
And when the sad song of the forsaken had come to confront me,
You were there.
This love that so binds me constricts my lungs,
Making it difficult to even breathe.

I stare into those eyes once again,
and your ocean consumes me in a whirlpool of emotions
that send me this way and that.
And soon I find myself lost once again,
Gazing into that crystal blue horizon below the sun,
Waiting patiently for your return.

The author's comments:
The love of my life inspired me to write this, whom I still love above all others.

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