Heart's Debate

October 18, 2011
By ILoveTurtles PLATINUM, Redding, California
ILoveTurtles PLATINUM, Redding, California
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All the commotion had distracted me from my thoughts. My thoughts had mostly been directed to you. You have been a big topic to debate about in my internal thoughts. Every memory you want me to give back, to make me forget. I want these memories to make me remember the pain that flashes through my body in an instant. I scurry to hide in the darkness while you chase me away. One day I will be stronger than you. One day I will scare you and take my territory back. It may not last but it will give me a little taste of self confidence. Am I not allowed a bit of esteem to live off of? Was I too sick in my mind to be with someone who doesn't even want me? How does that work? I will make you regret every insult you directed to me, and every moment you live without me.... Have a nice life.

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