October 16, 2011
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sometimes, even my dreams seem like unrealistic ambitions.
where i come up with a facade to cope with difficult transitions.
when i lack confidence to make up for my over abundant joy.
when my family falls apart, and still forgive the man named Roy.
because seeing all aspects of everything is a perspective needed.
because now i see the bipolar aunt, his actions now heeded.
although, not the best way to go about things, who ever does that?
although, then theres nelson mendela, who forgives with just a nod of his hat.
i embarked upon my thoughts one day in the class room at Bunche.
then even more at Towles, with my teacher, while we at some brunch.
i've always been different, only the same thoughts are with my friend elle.
now i wish to visit where inhumanity was consistent, the beast of the belly.
because equality, awareness, belief in mankind was instilled with me forever.
within montessori's madness, my mindset will not waiver, never to sever.
america, is the home of the corrupt, yet we help other's in insular fashion.
yet we tear up our world, green concepts are new, and yet we're still trashin'.
when other's live off of mudcakes and rice to just move to the next week.
we complain about job loss, we graduate, and financial aid we seek.
i mean, you can't change the world, you can just lead it's path to a better place.
i just remain optimistic and positive, i believe in this human race.

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