Ammunition and Dissing

October 16, 2011
By AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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intimidated? hell yeah, everyone has at least 500 friends on facebook.
insecure? hell yeah, and we are supposed to feel like that one special hook.
right, and i am not looking at and talking to other people also. Latino, hablo.
i go out on friday night's with an eye for the future, just by simply saying hello.
start the morning off with cocoa pebbles, and end it with a spark of caffeine.
all to keep me going, to keep living on, try to go individual Olympics to team.
my pebble's box says little pebbles, but big taste. that's kinda how s*** starts.
you start with a little dabble, with a tiny conversation. till its big, then it falls apart ala pop tarts.
that's just what always seems to happen to me. i'm looking for a a stale pop tart though.
who will refuse to fall apart even if we both start to go and you know, live and grow.
drop a pebble in the water, and it sends ripples across a small area of a pond.
well the more apart of your life i am, the bigger the pebble, the bigger the ripples.

the bigger the bond.

so hey, everyone try not to be so insecure and intimidated. we all are in it for the same thing.
now we sing about it, go about it thinking of rings, put dents in our cars like ping, just provide and bring.
label me this, label us that, label myself like you know me, i laugh and spat on that.
because i lack a persona to stereotype, so hey you f***ings brats, fly away nat.
crucify your thoughts of hate and sacrifice them for the good of everyone here.
because if you don't, that's just like hunting for deer.
go around the woods just looking to find something to kill.
instead of looking for life, you kill people, like ms. kill bill.
maybe not physically, but you tear them down at an emotional level.
so quit hating, have blood on the floor, cause that's the thoughts of the devil.
so bring people up around you, help them out, we all here to do something.
so at least try to love, not hate, just that one f***ing thing.

The author's comments:
Inspired by the intimidation of this new world of social networking, and trying to find that one between the sea of friend requests and overpopulation.

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