October 16, 2011
By AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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We always have to take the good with the bad.
We always have to live with happiness gone sad.
Where a healthy relationship can go haywire like that.
Where it isn't even because she is some stupid brat.
When the reason is just for Him, nothing else besides.
When I feel like this is bull****, have you heard of modernized?
Western Culture my a**, this stuff is just called morality.
But I have to calm my wordings, don't offend, come back to reality.
It's just if everything I'm not makes me everything I am.
Then being by your side not for me, it's must be for them.
So I roll past that stop sign of this suffering lifetime.
Because I'm just here to pay gas by the f***ing dime.
I'm just money in and money out, without a doubt.
Because I won't be remembered for my self pout.
So I get my head out of my a** and toughen up.
Have to move on, carry on, say to a girl was-sup.
Start off another try, with a potential fail in the outcome.
Buddy I'm scared too, that's why not trying is plain dumb.
If you give up, cry, and just wither in your own self moralization.
You'll be a blacked out alcoholic, rumble through life like Haitians.
Because s***, if you rumbled through life like those earthquakes of late,
I'll tell you one fer sure thing, you won't ever get a date.
So open up, stay positive, maybe even be cliche like all this.
Or you'll be dead one day, waking up to Hitler's hellhole fist.
So be straightforward, don't be shy, mind-swell say hi.
Because if anything, you'll always get some form of goodbye.
It could either be a heart wrenching thing where you're down for weeks,
Or she just say hi and bye so fast back to you your eye barely winks.
So to find that anchor you may need to sink several ships.
But in the end, in all idealism, you'll find your soul mates lips.

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