One of Many May's

October 16, 2011
By AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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lucky, like violet, seventh in the colors of the rainbow.
not for me, because of a simple line created credo.
this is the real world, not illusions created as a child.
where scribbled works were cute and not define styled.
who cares if it is a f***ing sculpture, calligraphy, water color?
apparently it does now cause art class makes my GPA smaller.
like really, Ms. Clements is that really f***ing necessary?
guess it is, like the dolphin noises from Chris's Mariah Carey.
so Mr. Hissong make my life even more of a hell.
because i am indestructible, just like Harry Potter's spell.
wears off right when i hit the adult age of my minute time here.
now i am at a competitive race on learning with my friendly peer.
that's another problem, i thought learning was for our wisdom.
like it was a decision if i wanted to learn Charles Darwin's thereom.
no, shove that s*** straight down my throat with these tests.
follow the f***ing script that the government suggests.
21st century is so unlike the 1st one of Earth.
now we're arrogant yet still young, unlike our birth.
too headstrong, everyone thinks they know every detail.
well i tell you, i get flattered every day till i turn pale.
we don't know nothing until we realize we don't know anything.
if you want to know so bad, reach for the stars and you might hit Yao Ming
everyone wants everyone to be attentive to whatever they're doing.
but seeking attention is conceited and just means trouble's brewing.
yet we all can't resist that feeling that someone actually cares about us.
but that feeling for me has continually been run over by a f***ing bus.
so here i am on day, something, knowing that i have lost my mind.
believing that the world's society has already been a fail of human kind.
so i mean i haven't given up, i just am now looking to settle.
because i don't seek any material things, no stupid metal.
i just want a simple hint of joy and satisfaction somewhere in my days.
so i keep my head somewhat above the waters in one of many more Mays.

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