we stand face to face

October 16, 2011
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We stand face to face then the first one flies it’s his not mine with a twist of my hip my hand flies out knocking it out and foomp I’m off right under his arms my leg slams into his knocking him off balance I stand and punch he strikes back aiming for my eye I drop my knee down it flies over my head I see a chance to get ahead I reach out and take hold bringing him down and with a massive heave he sends me flying I resist the urge to start crying with a quick roll I’m up again I see a shot and kissshhh I shoot out and take it he comes again like a wild man a hulking giant smaller quicker I roll out of the way dancing around his massive strikes we stare off then he comes running and I’m out of the way my arms fly out and I take him out with a dthump he hits the pavement I took a risk and saw my goal and held it tightly I walk away stronger better knowing I am a fighter a survivor and a master of my technique

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