Simply Unknown

October 16, 2011
By AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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saying i love you is different when you don't mean it.
because sparks have flied lately, now they're lit.
fire underneath the feet of the engrossing relationship.
now you can't even kiss, let alone touch one another's lips.
nothing you can do can change the mind of the unwilling.
so the person has to deliver information truly chilling.
fire is now gone, replaced with the slip of this ice.
the relationship now has crumbled into pellets of rice.
makes everyone mad that things are always like this.
with no one to blame either, at the air we all hiss.
swept underneath the rug like the crumbs of a cake.
the pressures still on, heat is there, we all here bake.
answering and replying are different then really caring.
because coping out on love really isn't all too daring.
sixteen is a brutal age that is all about the changes.
where the morales of your life suddenly rearranges.
cannot believe that this is how we must now feel.
everyone's so stressed out on life, slip on a banana peel.
make mistakes and get a drill in the ear from damn parents.
when you live your life at home, what's left is your remnants.
the left behind of your original personality and individuality.
with a reinstated basis and outlook on life for the new reality.
of hardships of even grander gratitude, like living on your own.
but we all still have questions on life, so pick up that telephone.
call the parents i swear we all hated back a couple years ago.
because we all won't admit, but life is simply an unknown.

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