Neither Here Nor Ne'er

October 16, 2011
By AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Dying is the only thing immortal, because it always lives in us.
That one day our body and mind will simply wither to rust.

Love is simply an overabundance of infatuation and affection.
Where two people complement each other's blatant imperfections.

Journey's are the routes you take, not the finishing line in sight.
Because everyone's finish is the same, where we see the light.

Heaven is apparently a place where we are appreciated for our moralities.
Where hell is a place where you're punished for your superficial brutalities.

Answers are the solutions or sayings we hope are our ideals.
Questions are the things we use to find how someone feels.

My life is an imperfect route with an imperfect ending.
So don't try to understand your life, never for apprehending.

A facade to distract you from the wonders of your time here on the blue and green.
So here is my life long rantings here, ala Mr. Charlie Sheen.

Don't seek the answers, just enjoy the journey there.
Don't worry about love, because Heaven or Hell don't care.
Don't avoid death, because idealistically we won't tear.
Don't think that way though, because we're human,

invincible; ne'er.

The author's comments:
I figured, we are all going to die one day, I might as well elaborate what happen's in a lifetime.

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