October 16, 2011
By AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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As I brood over past events
Upon my demure stature
I dream dreams that
are as comely as you.

My ebullience for you
is within the ephemeral
Moment of hope that
has now withstood months.

My new harbinger is
within the realms of a
place I never even thought
up in my life years ago.

Halcyon days are behind me
Now replaced by years
of motivation and knowledge
awaiting the depths of my mind.

Through leisure I explored
the parameters of an 11 inch
window that ported my ways
to an open minded willingness.

I discovered just how different
people are and how different
I could be but mostly how
happy I could be with myself.

The incipient years of
murmoring my meaning of
why I am here have vastly
changed into an empowered man.

My pyrrhic nature isn't a rarity
to find in a society filled with
unemployed, unmotivated humans.
But I love to fail because I love to learn.

The propinquity of my appreciation
for myself started with a surreptitious
ingenue who I still thoroughly enjoy.
Serendipity developed.

Although the prospects are still a
Wafture that ripples across my
mind at an alarmingly quick rate.
I found also a whole nother felicity.

One that would shake up my mindset
and change a lifestyle of dalliance
of an old habit of Sunday's at 11.
Erstwhile that was an accepted thing.

But I discovered my eloquent voice.
It had a mind of its own with its own
decisions that excited my every cell.
I pondered upon my beliefs and me.

My umbrella from the rain of outside
had ripped and I ran across radical ideas
that I never dreamt were true, alive, and there.
But oh the wonderment was a blessing.

The man inside the flesh had to be discovered
or the happiness would never have escaped
the labyrinth of a solitude teenager who
had lost his ways in the cynical reality of Earth.

Feeling transparent the wherewithal of religion
had helped me get reacquainted with a
beautiful thing called motivation and
meaning that seemed forever lost inside.

Among the summery livelihood
I believe I really have found a
Gift in a flourishing pile of presents.

Now I slowly tread my
fingers on the wrappings.
For which I know that this
is simply a miracle to relish upon.

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