Lay Wasted Night

October 16, 2011
By AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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I write here to channel off thoughts I can't complete
When the very manner of thinking something confuses me.
Mostly wondering peculiar things of someone's life.
Which is usually my own in some pathetic, lay wasted night.
In the night time when the only sound is of turning bed sheets.
I crawl up in a corner, in secret, trying to let my thoughts ring.
To do it and feel like no one will ever know how I am.
Is a depressing thought that I am simply left with.
It tears my insides through a figurative shredder of mind.
Because when your left with your thoughts for hours,

They aren't so kind.

So another lay wasted night ostracized from a social life.
Simply burrowed up in a computer screen trying to write.
I suck. I am pathetic. If you knew who lays behind the out.
Shut up, don't pity me, I just am a mother******* pout.
Everyone wants to feel wanted in this materialistic world.
Yet what the hell, you bought sex from a girl?
That's just messed up, no wonder its the world oldest proffesion.
Take advantage of a man's lonely, sex ridden obsession.
Oh screw it. My parents are here. "Go to bed."
Fine. But if I can't write my own voice, speak my own mind.
State my opinion.
Leave my own mark.
Call me dead.

The author's comments:
Being alone & away from friends leaves troubled thoughts to play with you and develop.

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