October 16, 2011
By AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Wanting to lead the way but I'm afraid.
The Seattle rain is fumbling my thoughts away.
Thinking hours earlier, night there, here day.
Couldn't keep me away even if I was paid.
Anemia in my head, infected, it was a raid.
Doing to me leaves me speechless, what to say.
My aspirations fly into the sky like a blue jay.
Away from its stars, it feels like a knife blade.
Worry about the effects that the hawk brought.
Don't know if you're innocent or a forthcoming bomb.
It was cancer except no one cares about the cure.
The infection is not something that is usually caught.
Not diagnosed of its effects until the after-calm.
Continue onward with my life; thoughts will endure.

The author's comments:
After taking a flight away from a moment that had infatuated my mind, the hardships of distance came out.

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