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October 16, 2011
By AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
AlextheLion DIAMOND, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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Funny. Only thing that doesn't grow up and solve it's own damn problems is math.
Romeo couldn't save me from the the clenching language teacher's ****ing wraith.

But of course I am going back to go back within the boundaries of North's bricks.

Funny. I didn't remember asking you to change my meaningless life to start rejoicing.
Now I simply can't wait to argue with your beautiful self, hold you, and here you voicing.

But of course I am literally a thousand miles away.

Funny. We said we'd be friends forever, we'd hang every month, we'd keep in touch.
Presently I don't care anymore about that and when you chat with me I become a grunch.

But of course I still really miss you.

Funny. I hate school, and I love to learn and the thing holding me back from learning is school.
Obviously it's because I'm too worried when I get there about stupid s*** like keeping my cool.

But of course I just make up bewildering excuses.

Funny. You're afraid of what she'd become but you're blind to the fact you're becoming her.
Plainly this is going to come back to bite everyone and it'll all be over in one swooping blur.

But of course I still love you and hope that isn't true.

Funny how life is, how it isn't, and the irony and hypocrisy we wade through every meticulous day.
But of course, we have to find our meaning, our reason, our soul-mate, our surrender, so we stay.

But of course...
Of course...

The author's comments:
Karma is where this poem stems from, how everything that goes around comes around, and how we are all hypocrites in some way.

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