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Unconditional Conditional Love

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It's when they say it's unconditional love
Then they give the conditions.
Then they say it's a Rave of fun
And the cops infect that s***.
They tell you to tell the truth
And they lie about Santa.
It's when they give you a referral
And later you learn it's a good thing.
For those who tell you that something
Is what it is.
F*** them.
They don't know what they're talking about.


Experience is the best medicine.
So you people stay in America.
Stick to the damn atheist ways you've learn.
Think you're rebellious for doing so.
NO. You're just another teenager bro.
Now I'm going to become myself.
No figment of my parent's imagination.
I won't be perfect for anyone.
I won't be my ideal parent's gift.
I won't ever make the right decisions.
But one thing I will do.
Is find out what I am all about.
All I can be.
All I can become.
All I can become in this lifetime.
And whatever happens after.
Is up to the main upstairs.
Whose steps thunder our world.
Whose creaks become earthquakes.
Whose coughs become hurricanes.
And if I'm wrong, then I am wrong.
But I don't believe I am.
Society sucks.
I hate people.
But then I look into the pew next to me.
Not a creeper.
Not an abuser.
A compassionate white old man sits.
Next to him a creation of magnificence.
Dabbed with dark skin in it's birth.
Yet, still loved.
This is why I still find hope in this world.
This is why we all still search for love.
This is the truest.
It was beautiful.
Now that is unconditional love,
it may come with its conditions.
But it's love beyond any means.

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