Dying Soul

October 16, 2011
By musicinspiresme16 BRONZE, Saplupa, Oklahoma
musicinspiresme16 BRONZE, Saplupa, Oklahoma
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Darkness fills one heart
with sadness and regret
from the past
Light seeps through
every now and then
For her heart
is a cloudy one
And remains of life
is still there
but soon that
will fade completely

A cry in the night
is unheard
Tears that are unseen
but are visible
A heart once bright
now is darken
Frozen and left to wonder
with no love
for only pain is there

And she watches as blood
drips down where she died
only moments ago
for her life
was short and painful
for the pain
is still there
in her lifeless soul

Now she whispers
Rest In Pain
as she leaves
Earth forever

Some call her
the forgotten one
or the broken one
but to her its all
the same thing
someone even put
Rest In Pain
on her grave

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