My Fathers

October 15, 2011
By 12kjones BRONZE, Manlius, New York
12kjones BRONZE, Manlius, New York
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I have two fathers,
But it’s not what you think.
Not a man and man,
But two men in one.

One is the epitome of a parent
Always there and always caring.
Playing catch til’ the sun sets
And racing at dawn,
He plays with his children
So that they never long.

He speaks out what he thinks
Even when it’s the truth,
And though it might hurt
You know that he’s there.

Home from work at a quarter past five
With thoughts of assignments left far behind.
To karate and dinner or a movie with ice cream
He ready to take you wherever you need.

But this man sometimes disappears
At the touch of a button,
Replaced with a being
That can hardly say nothing

This new thing,
A creature,
Same face and same sound,
But new features inside him make a new man throughout.

All he’s done to contribute,
Is to give me half my genes.
A donor in essence,
But what more could we need.

Not a word or a sound
Ever leaves his lips,
Other than the occasional grunt
Like a caveman that’s been whipped.

Bearing gifts that aren’t his
But rather his father’s
He gives them to her
Because I am untouchable.

Why bother coming?
Because I’m half his?
Wait it’s to see her
The other one,
She belongs to him too.
Relationship with her but never with me?

What happened to the man?
The one that I loved.
That laughed and played and did stuff that was fun.
He’s gone for now but I hope he comes back.
To see who I am, and what he has lost.

I have two fathers,
But it’s not what you think.
Not a man and a man,
But a Dad
And a Father.

The author's comments:
My parents are divorced and I have been struggling with my dad in terms of communication. My best way to show what I was feeling, was to write this.

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