October 15, 2011
By LilahPap BRONZE, Leopold, Other
LilahPap BRONZE, Leopold, Other
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My life’s a tragic smile,
It’s a rocky road that could last a mile,
It’s a list of insults to big to file,
I’m so sick of this fake smile.
If I ever woke up to see it,
I could have changed every single bit,
But its already all been writ,
Now I’m really getting hit.
I’ve been waiting for so long,
I didn’t know what I did so wrong,
Until you came along,
You showed me that I really shone.
I don’t know what I did,
So from that I just hid,
All them mistakes I wish just undid,
I think this is just rigged.
Now I’m left with nothing,
I didn’t know how deep it was cutting,
I never thought this was coming,
Now look what I’m becoming.
I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into,
I can’t think this all through,
I really don’t know what to do,
I think I’m still in love with you.

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