Only A Teen

October 15, 2011
"You're nothing special
You're just a teen
All you are good for is
Not cleaning your room
Not doing your homework
And talking back
Because you're only a teen

You're not a miracle worker
You can't turn water into wine
Heal the sick with your touch
Move oceans with your mind
No you're only a teen

You're not a magician
You can't produce money from your cap
Escape from locked chains
Cut a live woman in half
No you're only a teen

You're not a superhero
You can't stop a train with your fist
Fly higher than a bird
Run faster than the wind
No, you're only a teen

No, you'll never be an artist

a writer

a dancer

a public speaker

a president


a designer

a teacher

a director

an actress
Because you're only a teen

Which means you'll never be a noble prize winner

be famous

be inspiring

be admired

be looked up to

be cared about

be loved

be good for something

Only a teen dear,
I don't expect much from you
Because you're only a teen."

I have to agree
I am only a teen
But you're wrong
I may not be a miracle worker
But I can bring hope
I may not be a magician
But I can lend a hand
I may not be a superhero
But I can chage the world

As for everything else
I'll just have to prove you wrong

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