Listen and Obey

October 15, 2011
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Leave it be--
Don’t change the words around,
Interpreting each sentence in your own way.
Pretending to understand,
But you hear the sounds, but don’t listen
To the real meaning.
Nodding your head, and saying hmmm
As if you are rockn’ to a beat
Giving advice when it is not needed.
Describing analogies, when it doesn’t make sense.
Arguing when the evidence is clear,
That you are the Slave, and our Lord is the Master.
And yet, you push away everything of which you don’t agree.
Already making a decision before asking a question.
You say that you want signs,
It is right in front of you,
But you shut your eyes.
Avoid sound coming to your ears.
The heart is like real estate,
The chest is the land, and
The the organ pumping inside is the house.
But leaving the gates open, to the dangers outside
It destroys you, but you became immune to the disease
Why pay for the illness, when the cure is free?

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