The Garden of Sound

October 20, 2011
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Luxuriate in the garden of sound.
Hark to guilty pleasures; feel it all around.
Bathe in the beautifulness; now you are found.
There are no questions- if you are bound.

If you are there my dear, all your problems should feel dismantled.
Let it immerse into your soul.
All your flaws-they will be handled.

Let the music take you away;
Let it move you as if you were the rag doll, and it is the heedless child.

How significant that it ranges from mild to wild?
The power of music is intense; truly soulful.

Let the music influence your ambitions.
Feel the music with your heart; submerge until you’re full;
Let it fill up all your indentions.

Luxuriate in the garden of sound; for it is your personal nirvana;
Indulge an oasis fulfilled garden; relinquish your troubles like a supernova.

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