Infinite Illness (Part 4): The Other Side Of Heaven

October 20, 2011
By Still.Searching SILVER, Griswold, Connecticut
Still.Searching SILVER, Griswold, Connecticut
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I carried on,
I tried so hard
but could never get too far.
I let myself bleed
to the point where pain
no longer has an effect on me.
I've become so lost that I turn to rage,
how could I ever make others hurt;
I don't care if I fall, face first in the dirt.

When I see life's greatest tragedies,
the factory like society
and the spite in a man's body,
I find it so hard to believe.
I think you lied,
you didn't leave any gift of peace;
in fact, I don't think you even exist.
A contradicting myth
proposed in the name of power,
in the name of greed.
Set up to program
and force-feed
but I'm not going to be
another oblivious sheep.

I get this feeling,
anguish lies ahead
and I get a feeling
there is no heaven
for the dead.

What a waste
to clench my hands
in a praying nature
and beg on my knees,
the rapture comes from within.
I find the divine is just an enemy
and to dispose of those memories
I burned another rosary.
Now there is no flesh upon my frame,
there is no blood flowing in my veins.
My spirit was cursed with pain
when faith failed to prove
that God remains.

I climbed the sky of stars
all the way to nowhere.
A place so dark,
it never ends
because time doesn't exist.
This place only
cradles the living
and swallows the dead.
This is the nothingness
of the boundless

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on Nov. 1 2011 at 9:50 pm
Lizzie Hamilton BRONZE, Hinsdale, Illinois
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This brought tears to me eyes... it says everything I've been worrying about God.

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