The Southern Vagrant

October 19, 2011
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Awoken by vague voices and gunshots echoing within his delusional torment
His name, his past, his tongue that spoke of many lies he shall eternally resent
His sinful soul unworthy of any affection, he expects no sympathy in this Godforsaken place
Love; no more or less than a word he simply can not comprehend, until he gazed upon her face
Pitied by the greater good and defeated by the world’s very existence
Underestimated and confounded by them all
To be weakened has always been his resistance
They’ll live together but he knows he will die alone
It is every man for himself, the only way he will survive
His southern drawl and smart a** façade is the only way he’s ever known
A letter folded in his back pocket; anger is what the words upon the page were derived
His prize possession is a good ol’ pack of cigarettes
If this is hell then he’s being punished just like the rest
But somehow boarding that plane was not one of his regrets

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