Pretend Sky

October 11, 2011
By UndeadHelloKitty BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
UndeadHelloKitty BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
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Pry off the beautiful disguise
and you will see for yourself
what you denied was there
as you let it consume you

This is your darkest hour
the turning point, so decide
now! to scratch your way out
see the light or pretend you do

Look at all the pretty things
shattered, strewn across the floor
sparkling like a thousand stars
the fragments of your past

Wake up in a cold sweat
gaze up at the night sky
but something is terribly wrong
Your pounding heart knows it!

Shards of the mirror you broke
cut your feet like knives
Who knew that your perfect world
was made of the sharpest things?

Cross your fingers and make a wish
on the shooting star outside
Framed in your windowpanes
admire the majesty of the sky

There it is again, that nagging doubt
Your minds eye sees what you cannot
So somewhere, somehow, find the
strength to see and not just look

You glance again, at the sky
Look closer now and squint your eyes
Choose to see what's really there
not just what's supposed to be

On a hunch, you raise your fist
staring at the blinking stars
They don't look real, they never did
Why didn't you see it before?

Feel the pain as your fingers collide
with something softer than glass
Your bleeding fist bounces back
but the damage has been done

You've torn a hole in the sky
It's twinkling stars are extinguished
as it flickers and flashes, and then
hissing and sputtering, finally dies

And now you're frantic
ripping, tearing at the screen
to discover what's lurking there
behind all of the beautiful lies

What was once your sky, now
hangs in shreds, and the pale light
casting shadows across your face
comes from millions of light-years away

You can taste the outside air
taste the freedom, when your fingers
brush something cold and metal
iron bars, locking you in -- forever

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