October 12, 2011
By joshpatton BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
joshpatton BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Life cheated me, and cheated me bad,
By never giving me a real dad.
Someone to trust, respect, and admire,
Not a hateful, selfish liar.
No one to look up to, no one to be proud of,
I got stuck with you, incapable of love.
No better than a bully, always taking cheap shots,
Looking at you ties my stomach into knots.
There is a hole in my heart, meant for you, if you’d try,
Instead of criticizing, screaming, and making me cry.
I’m ashamed that you share my blood,
Someone who always makes the tears flood.
I try and be strong, show you that I am tough,
But I guess I’ll just never be good enough.
I never met your standards, lived up to your expectations of me,
I am sorry I am not the person that you wanted me to be.
True love hurts, but this is torture it seems,
My own father crushing my hopes and dreams.
Family is forever, but that rule doesn’t apply,
Me and you will never see eye to eye.
I would give anything to make it all go away,
To start over, for us just to be okay.
And yet, after all that you have put me through,
Deep down, very deep, I still love you.
That’s what hurts the most, for sure,
Knowing that there is no cure,
For my aching heart, and the little boy,
Inside of me. My only joy,
My one last hope, my ray of sun,
My light in the distance, the only one.
I just want to hear three words from you,
And yet, you have no clue,
That the little boy inside of me wants his dad,
A dad that he has never had.

The author's comments:
This poem describes my relationship with my dad. I hope that I can connect with people who are going through the same thing.

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