Prove It

October 12, 2011
We're told to keep quite,
but we all have a voice.
They cram us with 'knowledge,'
to hide our opinions.
We are told we're unique,
but we're made to conform.
Is there anything worth living for?

We all have a voice,
let's stand up and use it.
Let's burn all their books,
and rewrite our own.
We are the future,
let's get up and own it.

This is our life,
forget everything else.
We are our own people,
who don't fit a mold.
We will stand up and fight,
for what we know is good.
We are our own people.
So why can't we prove it?

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1613xoxoxo said...
Nov. 13, 2011 at 7:57 am
Please help critique! :)
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